The Story

How I earned more money than I will ever need.

About 2 years ago, a friend introduced me to the world of financial trading. He showed me how he spends about 2 hours every day, trading the currency markets and makes a killing. He told me how he got hooked up with a professional bank trader once in a pub, who gave him his secret money making strategy while being drunk.

Since I have helped this friend of mine through the thick and thins in our early lives, he agreed to share his secret strategy with me. It took a few hours for him to explain the system over the weekend and that was it. It was so simple and straight forward, that I have never looked back. My whole life has changed dramatically.

Now, I only spend 8 to 10 hours working every week and make more money every day than I was making in a month. And that too, totally stress-free. I don’t have a boss, I don’t have to take a bus or tube to work or drive in crazy traffic hours, I don’t have to deal with office politics and I literally don’t have to put in any overtime! My life is as good as it can be. I am happier, healthier and wealthier than I was every before! As you can see in above pictures, I drive a super-car, have a beautiful wife, live in a dream-house and vacation every two or three months.

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The above, of course, is totally bullshit. That pretty girl with the Ferrari is not my wife (Not that my wife is not pretty). And I don’t live in that house. And I don’t vacation that often. It’s crazy (And I prefer mountains over beaches).
I live in this building. It is a 40-floor skycrapper in Dubai. And it has a roof-top swimming pool.
This is the city I recently went for vacation. It is Prague (I love going to cold, snowy places. If you aren't paying attention, I live in a desert). I might go to UK in the fall of this year.


I started trading about 10 years ago. Why did I do that? Because my father is a trader. And a good one.

I didn’t become rich overnight. I tried to. But I failed. Again and again. In fact, for me, it took a long while before I got the hang of it. I refused to follow my father’s advice because his methods were consistent and boring and I wanted something fast, sexy and highly rewarding. It took me a few years to understand that such things don’t exist.

I spent the first few years of my trading journey believing I need the right system and once I have it, I have everything. I explored the free systems on the forums, bought a few over the web and made a lot of my own. Nothing worked. Literally. Everything looked good while backtesting. When I started to trade that on real money, shit fell all over.

Then, I went back to my father and finally listened to what the old man had to say. I changed my expectations, managed my goals and started to put effort in the right place. A few months down the lane, I started to breakeven. Gradually, I became profitable and then I learned the magic mantra of trading. You don’t become rich by trading fast. You become rich by compounding.

Today, I consider myself a very boring, mature and consistent trader. While I am still a student of the financial markets, I believe I have found the key to successful trading. And trust me, the key is not even close to what 99% aspiring traders think it is.


For money. And by 'THIS', I mean this website, where I teach trading to aspiring traders.

There. I said it.

Anyone who is trying to give you something, does it for the money. In one way or another. But then the question is, if I make so much money by trading, why do I need to sell you trading education?

The simple answer is I don’t need to. My trading is very stress-free and objective. And it doesn’t consume much of my time. In fact, I spend more time backtesting than trading (A lot of my trading buddies call me the ‘Full-time Backtester’ and part time trader*). My bread and butter strategy requires me to study my charts only once a day for about 30 minutes. My another bread and butter strategy requires me to watch the charts once every hour for 2 minutes and I repeat this for about 8 hours in a day. So, basically, I am free in between those 1 hour slots.

Since I have this free time available, I want to use it to do something extra. For me, that extra is teaching other aspiring traders. I can do it for free as well. But then, I can guarantee you that no one would value free education no matter how beneficial it is to them. I don’t feel like putting the hard work in trying to teach others, while they choose to disregard it because it is freely available. Yes, I make money by teaching others. And I make money because I spend dozens of hours in preparing my training content and courses. I like to be paid for my hard work. Just as I like to be paid when I work hard on developing, backtesting, live testing and then executing a trading strategy.